The Brief

A new business website, a global hub for connecting Exhibitors & Suppliers on one platform.

Allowing exhibitors to save time & money finding suppliers for their events.

E-commerce, fast, secure, easy to navigate – mobile-first design, to be as close to an App without being an App!

Bespoke Functionalities

Secure free registration & Login for both suppliers and exhibitors

E-commerce for suppliers with various levels of advertising packages.

Search facility – in-depth & precise.

Supplier reviews.

Exhibitor upload of brief, RFP or tender.

Exhibitor uploads information to feed into complex system notifications to be sent to matching suppliers dependant on their package level.

All functionality bespoke coded to match the client’s requirement to meet his business objectives.

Bespoke Functionalities


It was important for the coding team to be heavily involved from the outset with this project.

A previous project undertaken highlighted the need for closer involvement between design & coding teams for more complex websites.

Therefore both the design & coding team met with the client in the first meeting to get a good understanding of what the client envisaged as a user journey for both suppliers and exhibitors.

Key to the website and the company being a success was to get the functionality perfect, as this needed to meet the expectations of both users.

The SEO team began their research into the industry and looked at keywords and phrases with input from the client. 

The client had a clear idea of the menu and pages they wanted on the website.


The design & coding team worked very closely together, both teams needing to understand how together they could create the bespoke functionalities that not only worked fast & seamlessly in the back-end but also visually worked for the user with minimal click through requirements.

The design began as a sketch out with all key team members feeding in given the nature of the website it was essential that the website worked around a mobile first design, therefore it needed to be eye-catching, yet simple for viewing and navigation.

The SEO and Content team were involved at this point to give an indication of the amount of copy that would be required on the individual pages, which of course has its own impact on the design.

Initial Designs:  

Interface layouts created showing views on various screen devices. Given the complexity of the functions required the interface layouts were examined by both the client and the coding team. One layout was favoured by the client, & again the design and coding teams came together to discuss the design, before moving on to the coding stage.


Having the coding team involved in the design process from the very beginning meant they had a clear understanding of the project, and in particular how the bespoke functionalities were to perform.

A fully customised coded website using HTML and CSS for speed, and security was fundamental for the specialist bespoke coding which was written to make this website work to the client’s expectations and to be a stable foundation for the websites future growth.

Stage & Test

A staging website was created, as it was essential to undergo vigorous testing with so many different bespoke functions, and 2 different user journeys to consider.

Various testing flagged the importance of a clearer understanding of how the website worked for each user, therefore additional pages were created as information pages.

Improvements were made to the coding to speed the search function up, and for it to be more specific to the user’s search requirements.

Other small bugs were located and were ironed out and a full audit was undertaken to check on any technical issues.  The staging site was then sent to the client for them to check and test.

The client was happy with how the website had developed and had met with all their objectives and signed off the project.

The Result

Specialist coding created to ensure that all the functions work seamlessly & are accurate.  Created around a mobile-first design, which is fast & efficient helping the business to gain exhibitors & suppliers as users. The website works so well on a mobile you would be forgiven for thinking it was an App!

Returning Client

The client has since come back to XRF to create additional functionalities to the website to help the company grow and diversify.